Greetings My Fellow Winos & Beer Geeks!
Here we are in the last quarter of the year. Holidays, parties & all the other fun stuff! (Of course thereís always that threat of the white stuff coming down from the skies, but Winter is coming!)

And again, thanks to all of you that voted us in The Daily Herald Readerís Choice awards for 2017 as having the best wine selection in all of the Northwest Suburbs! That covers 4 counties! David beat Goliath! (Of course Iíd like to have all their money, butÖ? Who cares!) 2018 we were  nominated again, but Goliath won this time. (Must have ticked them off last year? Ha, Ha!) Apparently we still finished 2nd! Thanks again for everyone that voted!

Beer Geek Alert!  Crystal Lake Brewery will be at the 13th Annual Fall Festival! Weíll see what they bring? Otherwise, new brews coming in all the time. Oktoberfests still available as well as Pumpkin. The darker beers are on their way too. Winter is coming, but I enjoy the Fall releases the most. Stop by & see whatís in.

OK, here's the list of the MAIN events we know of at this time!                                                                                  

<>Every Friday evening & Saturday afternoon, if we have no one scheduled..."We Don't need no stinking wine reps!"  Or as our Facebook page states; WDNNSWR!                                                                                                           
There's always something around that we either forgot about or realize it hasn't been selling like it should. (Or I'm just thirsty? Those that know me, "I only drink alone when I'm by myself!" Thank you George Thorogood!) <>
Saturday October 13th the 13th Annual Fall Tasting! At the store 1-5           

13 has always been my lucky #, so why not? (And this is a Double Whammy!) Most of you know the drill, but for the newbiesÖ50-60 wines from all over the world. Whites, reds, roses, well a little of everything! 8-10 wine stations & Crystal Lake Brewery will be here! If you canít make it Saturday, Sunday is always left over day. (Of course thatís if we didnít finish them all!) <>
Thursday November 15th Nouveau Beaujolais Day All day!  
I think Iím only getting 1 Nouveau this year, but weíll drink some Cru Beaujolais as well! The Cruís are the real deal in Beaujolais. Every village has a different style, thus flavor profile. Some actually age for many years. Produced with the Gamay Noir grape, that after DNA testing is found to be a family member of Pinot Noir. As good as these can be, the price tag does not reflect the pricing of the wines from Burgundy. They're actually affordable! (Usually upper teens to $30ish.) We'll have 2 or 3 of those to sample that day. (And probably a Burgundy as well!) Havenít chosen them yet, but I will!
Wednesday November 21st The 13th Annual Turkey Eve Tasting Noonish to close                   
Itís a salesman tag team day! Theyíll be rotating all day, so when you come in it may be a completely different group than had started. Stop by any time to sample some of those Turkey Day wines. (Weíll also make sure we have those relative wines. You know, the wines youíll still drink, but you wonít mind if that silly relative adds ice or ginger ale! YIKES!)

Monday November 19th open Noon to 6ish

Thursday Thanksgiving Day open 11-2ish

<>Future Dates                                                                                                                           
Saturday December 15th The 13th Annual Holiday Tasting                                                                                             

Saturday February 2nd  2019 The 13th Annual Beer Bowl Tasting                                                                                        

Sunday February 10th 2019 The 13th Annual BIG RED EXTRAVAGANZA at Center Cut downtown Grayslake 1-4pm $60 per person                                                                                                                                                                            

Weird to schedule things this far in advance, but,,,?

We'll schedule more things, but I sort of enjoy doing the tastings myself. That way I can choose from whatever I want!



<>Ps.  Are the Bears really in 1st place??? The CubsÖ? Well, I donít have to stay up late watching them this year. Hey, I saw them win once, which is a lot more than many folks long & gone can say! (Houston & Milwaukee this year?)

Had lunch at Stevenís Steak House & was pleasantly pleased! (I always thought they were good, but itís been a while! I donít get around much anymore.) Wine selection is good & not overpriced. Craft Beer selection is great! I like the new look of the place.

To All Attending any wine, beer or dinner events;  As a reminder, please refrain from the over dosage of colognes & perfumes.  I realize it's an event & everyone wants to go the extra mile, but we want to enjoy the bouquet from the wine/beer/food, not be smothered by aromas of bergamot, coriander, citrus lime fruit & sweet lilac!  (If the wine smells like that...Dump it out!) Unfortunately, we have to address the e-cigarette issue. We do not allow them in Wine Knows & the same is true for any tasting we sponsor.   Also, don't be the immovable object taster.  If you notice a crowd gathering behind you, just take a step back & enjoy what you have in your glass.  There will be plenty to go around!  (We just want everyone to enjoy themselves at these events.  Thank You!)

Also, thanks to Wino friend Tricia, you can now find us on Facebook to find out the latest happenings. (The Link!

I know the emails have been coming out less frequently & I apologize. But, if you ever want to remind yourself of what's going on (And we know you do!), you can always go to (Without all of the other silliness! Hey, I heard that!) I will try to be more conscientious on the update from now on!...Maybe?

<> Wine Knows 1130 E. Washington St. Grayslake 847-223-8402 Hours of tasting...err, operation; Tuesday thru Saturday 11-8 & Sunday 12-5. Closed Monday! We are located in the Washington Square, 1/2 mile west of 45 & 1 mile east of 83 on the north side of the street across from The College of Lake County. Right next to Something's Brewing. <>